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​Home Organizing in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Lakewood

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"I've used the Clutter Fairy a few times now.   This last time I finally let her do a room that I had been avoiding for years.  I'm the type of person who not only wants to save everything, but I also want to take a trip down memory lane when I see it again.   Norrine was very respectful in keeping me on track to go through these things.  She helped me organize the entire room (there was only a path... now I have a big open space!) and I literally know where EVERYTHING is!  She really took the time to understand how I work, and put in systems that I can use on a daily basis."  Donna G.

" I feel relieved!!  thank you for showing up on such short notice and on a holiday weekend. You guys are the best!!"   Pat, LB

"As an elementary teacher and mom to three children, I have a really hard time throwing anything away. This led to clutter chaos in my home and garage. Norrine spent time talking to me and determining where my greatest needs were. She was patient, thoughtful and respectful of my constant "I might need that" statements. Norrine has a real talent for organizing and helping prioritize. I learned a lot from her! She's one of a kind!"  Kari M.

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"My amazing Clutter Fairy, Norrine Burke, helped organize the storage closet under my stairs!!! I can walk in there now!!!!  She also organized our craft room.  She's very respectful... not throwing anything away." 
​M, Long Beach

( 5 6 2 ) 9 9 9 - 2 6 3 7

"Norrine completely organized our garage. It was a huge job! Half garage stuff, half family memory stuff. She took great care using logic and notes along the way. The best part? I was out of town on vacation! Thank you, Clutter Fairy!!!"  M. Ward-Ruberg

"I used to say, "don't open that door" to a storage area and now thanks to the clutter fairy it is not only usable space, I also found things I can use and others that were long overdue to purge.  With that success, she tackled an area in my business that is now inviting for customers to browse and us to check stock rather than a jumble of, "it's in here somewhere".  Thank you Clutter Fairy"  C. Shaw

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